Long time no see…

August, 2013 · By admin

Wow! I was supposed to update this every week…

Things haven’t gone as expected. I haven’t come to terms with my loss of love for running. I just seem to want to sleep – blame the weather! Works been so busy that I’ve been coming in at all odd hours, luckily it’s come to an end. Now all that’s left is getting off my lazy arse and do some serious running.

The plan – take it slowly. Going to try out the Brooks’s Hanson training plan. I’ve already missed a fews days of it… not good!

So no races this year as well as I doubt i’ll be ready for anything in the next couple of months. Though I’d love to do an ultra next year – been eyeing the Annapurna75. But again all depends how the next few months go.
My running bucket list

  1. Bangalore – Mysore (boring but just something that’s been on my mind for a long time)
  2. Across the the Rann of kutch – probably the little Rann- but that’s a still a plan for the future. Maybe even do a bit of work with schools like this
  3. A multi-stage ultra somewhere in the western ghats

Attended Motorcycle Travellers Meet (MTM) – yeah I don’t ride but was great to hear stories and make me want to buy a bike – Yezdi Road king or a Bullet? Expensive but you live once!

Trip photo and home made video to come…

Here it is:

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