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Time off

December, 2013 · By admin

Just when you think your training’s going well or rather seems to be, laziness comes strolling by and gives you a good knock on the head! So that’s where I’m at.. yes not running! I signed up for Auroville thinking that at least that should motivate me to run but it’s not really managing to. Anyway I will get over this and be back to my usual routine.

Got myself some pressies:










Very excited to start using them! Will do a write up on it.

Books I’m currently reading:

The Race of My Life : An Autobiography (Paperback) (Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra)

Simply written. The story  of Milkha Singh itself is so moving that one doesn’t really need to keep the reader engaged. Not that Rakeysh, the Author hasn’t done a good job. The book is no doubt inspiring and makes a runner want to go out to a track and run till their lungs are on fire. It also displays the discipline and hard work needed to reach a goal – any goal for that matter not necessarily sports.

Tiger Fire : 500 Years of the Tiger in India (Valmik Thapar)

Was really excited to get this book and will start reading it once I finish all the half finished ones. Skimmed through the book and it had a really fantastic selection of photos and illustrations. The best part is that it’s really a collection of stories by people who’ve had encounters or know of. It’s also a great way to relearn history as the title suggests it takes one back 500 years. I would recommend this to everyone, even though it’s a bit on the expensive side – it’s worth the money.

That’s all for today. Coming up  – Project 365!!