Teach & Learn app

Vidyanext’s Teach and Learn apps were based on research that suggested that assigning students content appropriate for that particular student’s level is the best way to achieve confidence and engagement. Teach and Learn Apps are based on board and class curriculum.


Anita teaches class 8, Maths that has 25 students in batches of 5. She has difficulty in three areas:

  1. Creating a test for all her students is a time-consuming chore.
  2. Students keep chatting when they’re free disrupting the class
  3. She has trouble keeping track of school marks in tests and exams


With Teach she can create a similar test with a few clicks and see solutions for the questions. She can then share it with her student either by printing it or, if the student has a device, asking the student to download the Learn app and syncing student data by adding that particular student.

Anita can also create different tests for groups of students who are at different levels. Or even to a select few who need more help with certain areas.

Anita can ask students to take quizzes on the Learn App while they wait for her to finish with other students. This helps them revise on a topic they’re done in school and also shows where they’re going wrong.

When students finish an assigned test or a school exam they can either enter the marks on the Learn app or tell their tutor who can feed it into the Teach app. Anita now has all the marks for a particular child so it can help her troubleshoot.

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