Misc. projects

XCredit App Concept: Connect European Commercial Real Estate Markets and Financial Markets together by standardizing and storing investors and lenders’ asset and loan information on live transactions and existing portfolios. Role: Mock ups

Lebara Retail: B2B website that helped retailers maintain inventory of Lebara products like sims. Help track commissions earned and view sale statistics. Role: User Journy, Wireframe. Mock ups

Microsoft EBC (Executive Briefing Centre): Promote the Surface at the EBC (designed to host high-level executives, showcasing the latest technology to enterprise clients). The web app served a dual purpose of helping customers/clients of MS get around Seattle,- giving them useful information like weather and an interactive map of the EBC, and also to get them to use the Surface like taking notes etc. during their visit. Role: Visual Design & prototyping

Boieng: Dynamic displays at the Boeing Delivery Centre. The displays provided information like a flight tracker, Boeing history, weather and news and announcements. Role: Visual Design & Prototyping