Learn with quizzes

Researches have shown that taking online review quizzes help students score 15-25% more in their examinations. 


Manu and Reena are 8th graders, who have been getting tutored in Math and Physics. They find it difficult to read through entire chapters to revise concepts and wish there was an easier way to keep remembering. Since these subjects aren’t favourites they leave studying to the last minute and don’t do as well as they can. 

As a business goal the success of an EdTech app was to increase student/user retention and also to make students feel they were part of something bigger (sense of purpose)


With QuizNext Reena and Manu can now spend 15 mins daily on quizzes that help them remember topics (chapter and subchapter) better. With a layer of gamification they find it fun to interact with the app – looking at how many points they have, who’s topping the leaderboard and so on. 

They can even challenge each other or a random person to see where they stand in their class. 

Reena and Manu could also join their schools and contribute points to their school leaderboard giving them a sense of purpose even though they may not have been good at certain subjects.

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