Digital Connect

Interact Digital’s product Ezo needed help with brand building as well as building their responsive web app. Ezo helps build stronger relationships between companies & their market partners using digital technology in real-time. 

Many processes in industries like Pharma and F&B are manual processes where inventory is updated at the location by a representative of a distributor. This is a cumbersome process and takes time as the visits by representatives are not very frequent.

The solution built was a responsive web application prototype that would update data real-time so that distributors could make informative decisions looking at activities of their customers. This saves time for both distributors and their customers in updating their inventory.

So Distributors and Customers knew their order history, fulfilment status, and list of suppliers.

Role: Branding, Wireframing, Userflows, mocks and styleguides

Created with

  • SketchApp
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • InVision