Crintell a company who’s aim is to make the recruitment process easier and smarter, saving recruiters time and money. Their 5 year old website needed an update.

There were two parts to this. Their old website though information rich, it simply didn’t convey what they were selling. It lacked product screenshots, descriptions were lengthy and outdated and it was a static website, which meant any updating needed to be done by someone familiar with code.

While looking at the product and getting a demo of functionality, it was found that apart from some functionality issues the current UI needed a cleanup (part two).

The aim of the new design was to simplify the information presented. Add more product screens that showcased the new UI (templatised so use of neutral colours) . Use some subtle animations. Enhance product information like adding pricing and create separate product offerings (originally combined). WordPress was used as a CMS to create the website.

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